Chain That Comin' (To You)

by Backbone Crash

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released November 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Music Box Tver, Russia

The independent record label from Russia

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Track Name: Get It Back
Verse 1:
Millions of people want to tell me what I need:
Office work, loyal wife and eyes that are full of greed,
They're slaves of moral standards and evil helpless gods,
They're slaves of word they claimed, doesn't matter what I told!

I’m your living hell,
With a short red tail.

I wanna get it back, get it back!
If they steal my life, i want get it back!
I wanna get it back, holy shit!
If they steal my life, i want get it back!

Verse 2:
Fuck up all your prayers ‘cause only chaos rules,
Freedom mixed with whiskey, drug addiction is my cult!
Think my life was awesome, i was dropped on empty road,
I paid a heavy price to take back, all I've really want!




Solo (W. Rock)

Outro Chorus:
I wanna get it back, all the way!
If they steal my life, i want get it back!
I wanna get it back, no replay,
If they steal my life, i want get it back!
Track Name: Don't Try
Verse 1:
She's really looking sharp, she's an example of perfection,
Moves gently, smiles so nice, and always plays with men's affections,
She knows that world is hers, and does not live you an choy’s,
Because she does believe that people are nothing but her toys.

Virgin soul is running wild
I feelin' Yeaah!
Honey girl be mine tonight, yeah!

Don't try to, Don't try to,
Don't try to lie, why can't you say?
I know you, I know you,
I know you want me every day.

Verse 2:
When the sun goes down it's time to test forbidden pleasure,
She's so excited and does not even think of danger,
She's cryin' in dance of whiskey or shine of neon light,
The sound of Rock guitar makes her scream in delight.



Solo (W. Rock)


Track Name: Hooligan's Band
Stand up, stand up and run,
Strike of the loaded gun!

Verse 1:
Wild, go out off home,
Child, turn off the phone,
Run on a shining edge,
learn off forbidden rage.

We are The Band,
Maybe we're friends,
Don't stop The Hooligans.
We are The Band,
Maybe we're friends,
We are The Hooligans band!

Verse 2:
Drunk, gonna dance tonight,
Roadhouses calls around howl night,
Drive your thunder bird,
Life is hungry road.


Solo (W. Rock)

Verse 3:
Somewhere in your broken heart,
Beast that will rape you apart,
Must boil him with your booze,
Must feed' him with our chews!

Track Name: Chain Breaker
Verse 1:
I'm wait for your smile,
I know its all what im waiting for,
You re my perfect child,
You've changed my life and you're bring me on.

Fingers freezin' into my neck,
Her body wanna move like a hungry snake.
Oh no more heartbeat! No more way back!
You re taked by chain of wasted love...
Oh, you need to know...

It's a long time that i waitin on,
It's a chains that's i'm breakin on,
It's a heart that i'm return to stone,
It's a chains thats i'm breakin on!

Verse 2:
Phoenix in my life,
You're light that fadin in my cell.
Stick me to your knife,
Your kisses burning like the hell.



People, give me some attention,
It's a final declaration:
I'm a rock'n' roll creation!

Solo (W. Rock)

Fingers freezin into my neck!
Bodies wanna move like a hungry snakes!

Track Name: Dazed Nation
Verse 1:
I don't need a child to lost him,
It's useless to change my fate,
Too expensive sad and boring,
Waste my life to raise the dead!
Body needs my friday dealer,
Body needs some gasoline,
I just need to pull the trigger,
Waste my life for deadly sins!

It's my confession, (I'm Hate!)
To be a junky freak, (I'm Hate!)
In hatred nation. (I'm Hate!)
God damn this fashion, (I'm Hate!)
To be a junky freak, (I'm Hate!)
In dazed nation. (I'm Hate!)

Verse 2:
Fuck your monday with the work,
Fuck your sunday with the church,
I was born to be electric,
Motherfucker with the crunch.
Body need my friday dealer,
Body need some gasoline,
I just need to pull the trigger,
Waste my life for deadly sins!


I forgot, I forgot the reason,
Why I'm seatin at the death door of beein.
Readin letters of my nest,
And I swear there's no more meanin.
I've just stopped at point of entry,
Gonna raise my wings and fly out of here,
And one more question on my lips: why?
Who... Lost in sands of time,
To find the truth, on a needle of a dazed youth!



So fuckin ugly face,
So fuckin ugly race,
It's just a dealy place your home, your street, your Dazed Nation!
Fuck off! Motherfucker!!!